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One of the things I like best about traveling is the chance to immerse oneself in a different culture, see how the people there live, and sample the best of what the country has to offer -- especially the food! 

This past month I've been traveling all over the UK, France and the Netherlands, enjoying dishes like fish and chips, baguettes, crepes, croque monsieur, Gouda cheese, vlaamse frites and rijstaffel, just to name a few.   My stomach has been in heaven, but I know some of these yummy dishes aren't always the healthiest choices.  I love trying out new foods in new countries and I don't want to miss out on such an amazing culinary (and cultural) experience, so when I'm on vacation I try to balance it all out with some healthier eating habits: 

1)  I go to the source
When we're on vacation, we try not to eat at restaurants for each and every meal: restaurant food is often rich, large in portions, and expensive!  Instead, we do what the locals do (and what we do at home) - buy our food at the local market or grocery.  Last week in Paris, we found a bakery that sold the most amazing French bread on the planet, paired it with some sweet tomatoes and Camembert cheese, grabbed some apples and bottled water, and headed for the nearest park bench.  Et voila, we had a simple, filling, healthy (and cheap -- just 8 Euros for our family of five!) lunch.

2)  I watch my portions
Unless your accommodations have some kind of kitchen facilities (i.e., a fridge and stove), at some point on your vacation you're going to be eating at a restaurant.   And why not? You're on vacation, so treat yourself, let someone else do the cooking and cleaning up, and enjoy some great food!  Just remember that restaurant portions can often be quite large, so consider sharing a main dish with your traveling companion.  You can always order a side dish or dessert if you're still hungry!

3)  Get some exercise
I do give myself some leeway to eat while I'm on vacation, so I like to make sure I stay active.  After all, just because you're on vacation doesn't mean that you have to spend all day lying on the beach!   So I try to maintain some semblance of an exercise routine by going for daily walks or doing some yoga or pushups in my hotel room.   And remember, any kind of activity counts, whether it's swimming at the beach or hiking on trails or walking all around Paris.

How do you eat healthy while you’re on vacation or away from home? For a chance to win $1,000, tell me in a comment below. Don't forget to check back for my next post for another chance to win!

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