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Hi, I'm Jenny, from Jenny on the Spot.  For the next 8 weeks I'll be here on sharing my tips on how you can stay fit along with the bloggers below.

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How do I stay motivated and keep on my fitness routine? My support system -- my "partners in crime"! Though my first thought after reading this question was, "Being able to fit in my jeans is what keeps me on my fitness routine, DUH!"

But no. In reality I would say there are 2 main things that help keep me going: Partnership & Accountability

Partnership. Not having to go a size up may be part of what helps keep me on track, but when I really think about it… my jeans are not enough for me to meet my running buddies at 5 in the morning. I know if I do not show-up... a couple of friends are going to wonder, "Should we wait, should we go… is everything O.K.?" That is enough for me to rise and shine! My jeans? They just stay crumpled on the floor folded. My jeans never worry about me. Ever.

My long-run buddy knows me especially well, and without her support I just don't know where I'd be. We get girlfriend time in and exercise. We use that time to catch-up, valuate our goals, and revisit our hydration and fueling needs. Together we have discovered that while hydration and fueling are important, we both need to focus on electrolyte balance. Making sure we are adding electrolytes is a key element to our stamina and recovery. I recently discovered the Crystal Light Pure Fitness line has electrolytes!

Accountability. People who know I have set goals and check-up on my progress help keep me motivated. Setting goals has been a pretty regular part of my routine for several years... Friends now often ask, "How is your training?" or "What are you training for now?" Having the encouragement and interest from friends and family help push me when I am dragging. With 3 kids, it's easy to drag...

And then there's blogging, or Facebook... Twitter, Daily Mile and Mindbloom. These are social spaces where I share my journey, goals, and fitness hopes. When I post that I'm think of signing up for an event or log a work-out..." I hear "Go for it!" or "Good job!". There is a lot to be said for an encouraging word, and utilizing this rich social space has been a tremendous resource for discovering a wonderful accountability base.

Partnership and accountability are two key components for me... a social girl. But what about you? What motivates YOU? What keeps you focused on your own fitness routine? Let me know in the comments below for a chance to win a $1,000 Visa gift card! Don't forget to check back for my next post on June 28th for another chance to win!

 Want a delicious way to get more water in your day? Try new Pure Fitness Crystal Light.

Crystal Light is making a sweet breakthrough in fitness beverages with Crystal Light Pure Fitness.  The first naturally sweetened, low-calorie fitness drink mix, Crystal Light Pure Fitness contains electrolytes to help aid hydration during light physical activity when you consume one packet (two servings).[1]  Since women who drink Crystal Light drink 20 percent more water, it helps ensure you get the benefits of water. 

[1] Among mass marketed sports drinks (Nielsen 52 Week Ending 2/20/2010)

Don't forget to check back for my next post on June 14th for another chance to win!

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