Cucumber & Mango Salsa (Salad)

Cucumber & Mango Salsa (Salad)


I made cucumber and mango salsa last night, for our Cinco De Mayo celebration.  No recipe, everything was eyeballed. This is what I call instinctual cooking.

 It was very tasty…there was a little leftover, so I actually had it for lunch; – it was yummy the next day too.


1 Mango - peeled and cubed

½ English Cucumber diced

¼ cup of diced red onion

Juice from lime

½ or 1 tablespoon jalapeno pepper diced small (seeded and deveined) optional

1/4 cup or less cilantro (optional)

Salt and Pepper

Peel and cube or dice 1 mango, dice about ¼ of a very small red onion, dice one-half of an English cucumber, and dice the jalapeno. 

 How I cut the jalapeno; cut it in half, clean out the seeds and the white membranes or veins, then I cut the half in half, I used ¼ of the pepper and diced it in tiny little squares, at this point, I taste one of the squares to gauge the heat. I added about a tablespoon, you can add as little or as much as you like – depending on the heat and not only your threshold but everyone that will eat it as well.  Remember it needs to be tasty but also comfortable to the palette.


 Continue to chop a small handful of cilantro – about ¼ cup is fine.


Toss all ingredients together season with one or two pinches of sea salt and one pinch of black pepper.  Squeeze the limejuice. Toss and serve with Tortilla chips.


Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!