Cupcakes Are Not a Commitment

I find it timely to discuss cupcakes as a metaphor for life especially in light of today’s focus on resolutions and planning for 2010. Anyone looking to truly understand me should know that for me, this is a metaphor for life. I believe it’s important to commit to some things – family, health and Glee on Wednesday nights. But, like so many things in life, I’m also committed to dabbling – I’m a dabbler.

There’s far too much pressure these days to be an expert. Let me begin with the fact that I enjoy cooking and admittedly I’m pretty darn good at it. Really, I fancy myself a sort of a Kitchen McGyver – able to pull together a dinner party at a moment’s notice simply from what the pantry and refrigerator hold. (Ironically, I’m featured as an expert, in the upcoming February/March issue of Kiwi magazine in an article on “Pantry Meals.” Check your newsstands.) In fact, I find it an intriguing, little challenge like Felix the Cat, reaching into his little bag of tricks to prepare an impromptu dinner for six.

Now, with that said, I do not like to bake. It makes me anxious. There’s simply too much pressure having to follow recipes to the letter or risk a birthday cake that resembles a volcano that must be served in the dark. (Yes, this did happen – a big shout out to all of the folks that were at Rich’s 30th birthday party – it wasn’t just mood lighting—it was yet another baking disaster.)

However, cupcakes are a different story. They’re small enough to inspire a whimsical gasp of delight but not so serious as taking on a big, scary layer- cake. Eating and making cupcakes is kind of like dabbling in dessert.

Now, on life…it’s two-fold. On one hand, it’s clearly more manageable to look at life and its challenges in bite-sized morsels. On the other hand, indulging yourself in the freedom to dabble opens doors to all kinds of undiscovered opportunity. Unfortunately, it also fills a guest room closet with a graveyard of equipment to include everything from tarot cards to roller blades to a variety of craft supplies that will never see the light of day. But is it wrong? You may say, a jack of all trades, master of none. But, no, I say it broadens knowledge – it’s kind of like life’s tasting menu. And let me just add that with all of this knowledge, you want me as your Trivial Pursuit partner.

To that I say, have a cupcake. No guilt, all good.

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