Cupid Has Added a New Addition to My Growing Extended Family

My son-in-law, Giovanni—first generation Italian-American—is the newest addition to our growing family. He and my youngest daughter have just recently celebrated two years married. These Lovebirds are still newlyweds. Right up-front I can tell you that he is the best thing that could have happed for our daughter. But in order for him to “happen” in her life he somehow had to find his way here from the East Coast. It was glad tidings the day he manifested and became part of our lives.

 Cupid Has Added a New Addition

The day these two met, Amelia and Giovanni, it was like two minds melded into one. They talked and talked and talked endlessly into the night; they talked about everything and more, and so the story goes. For their first date, my daughter had made previous arrangements with my younger sister, her aunt and best friend, to call at an appointed time to see if she needed rescuing. My sister called a number of times only to be told “I’m fine,” until suddenly my daughter was just not picking up her cell phone anymore. And I, being mom, began to worry to almost a panic!

I was soon to discover that all my worry and panic was simply wasted energy. Giovanni was harmless, and a true gentleman from the first. Sigh!

Both educated writers, Amelia an English Major and Giovanni a Journalist Major, they seem to have lots and lots in common, including, and not the least, ice cream and pasta. And though we could have considered that first date a fluke, they’ve been together ever since, over three years, in fact. They dated an entire year, at which time he then proposed marriage, and my daughter readily accepted. The rest has now become history.

Amelia and Giovanni are really and sincerely inseparable. They work out together, shop, cook, and eat together, sometimes out of a single plate. If one leaves the room for just a moment, the other is already scanning the perimeter and up in search to find their other half.

Cupid, indeed, got a bulls-eye on this one!


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