A Curated Home: My Purge List

A few days ago, I read the post linked in A Curated Home: Purging of Things and decided I needed to do this. I've been thinking about it for awhile, in part because TW spent several weeks asking if she could throw away my stuff. That was annoying because NO SHE CANNOT THROW AWAY MY STUFF. I told her she could throw away HER stuff and I think she did throw away a few things. I don't know. I try to ignore her when she gets like this. But she was right -- we have so much stuff. So much clutter. And we do not need it. More to the point, we do not want it. So. I'm taking the plunge. Starting tomorrow.

I'm going to wander around, for a few minutes every day, and decide what it is I can/want/will let go of -- and then I'm going to let go of it. I'm going to share those things here... in the comments... hopefully that will help me follow through. Or if not, it will at least give me something to laugh with all of you about.

Want to join me? Make your own purge list -- or just add your own list of letting go in the comments. There's strength in numbers.

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