The Cure= Dates, Drinks, and Dancing

When  a break up happens it is hard to get over it. Trust me, it is hard.  I love how people try to act like it isn't that bad... It is. Well, I have the cure. Sit back, take notes, and never feel heartbreak again.

Drinks: What ever your drink of choice, get ready to pound a few back! Now I'm not suggesting that you drink alone.  I'm not suggesting that alcohol is the answer to solving your problems. But it can't be denied that having a drink with your girls or guys is way better than sitting at home crying with a beer in your hand. I refuse to sit home alone wallowing in my sorrows.  I refuse.  I am too busy and too blessed to cry right now. So, if you are broken-hearted you need to find the best happy hour deals in your area and set up a gathering (if you live in DC check out Drinks with my girls was truly my salvation.  When ever that doesn't work I move on to...

Dancing: I have always loved to dance. I dance in my car. I dance in my head when I can't physically dance lol. After drink with the girls, dancing is almost always in order.  This Fall is going to be a little hard for me because my bestie Amanda, has bailed and is at UVA. lol Okay, so she hasn't bailed, but I'm definitely going to be dancing a little bit less.  She was my main club friend and I'm so sad she is gone. So in order to remedy this I am taking a dance class. On Tuesdays I have my "conditioning" class which is a jazz based work out that will bring back my flexibility and give me a chance to move.  Thursdays I'm doing jazz and Zumba... I'm probably the youngest person in my Zumba class but Oh Well!! I love to dance.

Dating: It took me a while to get to this point, but I am dating.  I'm not just dating, I'm like dating. What does that mean? I finally feel like I'm grown-up dating lol.   No more thrown together last minute outings! No more dating other poor college students lol! I'm dating people with jobs and lives, it is so grown-up (I'm giggling like a teenager right now lol).  Okay, on a serious note, it takes a while to get to this point.  I don't even know if I'm fully ready to be at this point, but it was time.  There are so many great guys that aren't your "ex." If you never meet these great guys then how can you stop thinking about that "old aka 'ex' " great guy.  Because whether we like it or not... He isn't our great guy anymore. So get out there and date.  I have not regretted my decision to get back out their. But don't rush it... These things take time.


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