Curious Cuisiniere

Bringing you food to feel good about sharing, because meals are a place to slow down, connect, and share life. 


Life gets rough. The kitchen gets hot. But there will hopefully always be something tasty that results, someone to share it with, and lessons learned along the way.





Our food philosophy?


Enjoy life: Food should be delicious. But, delicious does not always have to mean bad for you. There are plenty of ways to make healthy food tasty and make 'guilty pleasure' foods healthier. It just takes some creativity.


In moderation: Indulgence is an important part of life, when kept in check. Life needs to have a healthy balance in all areas to keep things interesting. Balance is the key that so many do not understand. Finding that middle ground is difficult, but very possible and so rewarding.


With authenticity: It is important to know where your food comes from, whether you hunt down your own meat or appreciate the butcher who does the work for you. Processed foods have their place, but real food is what we were meant for. Knowledge of ingredients' origins and the cultural background surrounding individual dishes allows you to appreciate their quality and constantly be learning.



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