Curly Hair: Could I…Should I?

I never, ever thought I’d pose the question above – let alone pen a post about it. But a toddler swim class has a way of changing things.
I love my hair.  When it's straight, that is.
It's how I have rolled. For years.
The question of the moment is this: Do I stop straightening my hair for a while – during the summer months – and – GASP! – wear my hair in its natural style of wildly curly ringlets?
Here’s the deal: My toddler son, Scotty, should have been done with his swim classes by now, but we were given an opportunity to attend the next session free of charge (more on that in Wednesday’s post). So I’m basically staring another eight weeks of pool time down the barrel…and then right after Scotty’s class ends, Kennedy’s (my infant daughter) will start up.
This all boils down to the fact that – for 16 straight weeks – my tedious yet coveted salon-grade blow-outs will all be for naught.
Unless I stop doing them and wear my hair…I can’t even believe I am typing this… in its naturally curly state, which is, for me, akin to venturing into uncharted waters (pun intended).
After combing over countless YouTube curly-hair-wash-and-go tutorials, I think I’ve found the system/products that will give me the results I’m looking for. I think. I won’t know until I try.
I’ve beat my hair into submission for a long, long time. After getting my blow-out method down to a science and then wearing my hair straight for all these years, I know how to deal with my hair while straight. I have it under control. To the contrary, I don’t know how to tame my wild, curly hair. Hell, for all I know, the tables could turn and my hair might be the one beating me into submission. Yeah, I’m kind of afraid…but also really, really intrigued by the prospect of changing things up – and liking it.
Sigh. Decisions, decisions.
Of course, should I take the plunge and go curly, of course I’ll have to post a video diary showing the results.
But don’t let that influence you.
What should I do?

Courtney Conover, The Brown Girl with Long Hair, is a mom of two and wife of an ex-NFL player. She has more Legos and NFL memorabilia than she knows what to do with. She blogs at The Brown Girl with Long Hair.