The Curse Of Amazon

I've written before about making extra Amazon credits via Superpoints and Swagbucks.  Not a fortune, but $10-$20 a month always comes in handy!

I have the best of intentions.  I tell myself that I'm going to save those credits for something big on my wish list or for Christmas.  I'm only deluding myself. 

I'm a reading addict.  With Amazon, I can have any book I want to read in my hot little hands within 60 seconds.  It is impossible for me to resist!  We're talking about an almost unlimited supply and more than I can possibly read in my lifetime. 

So my good intentions fly right out the window.  Book by book, those credits get whittled down until they're gone and I need to earn more.  My wish list?  Still just as long.  Christmas?  I'll figure something out. 

Ooo...look!  A new book!!!

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