A Curtain of Shyness

When people actually meet me, the last word they would use to describe me is ”shy.”  Vivacious might be a good one, or outgoing, maybe confident…but never shy.  I am the person that will walk into a cocktail party, chat up total strangers and have many acquaintances by the end of the night if not a best friend.  But I hate doing it.  I am the person in a class that will strike up the first conversation because I hate silences and I want every one else to feel at ease, but I detest saying the first word.  I am the person who can deliver a speech to a ballroom filled with 800 people and I wouldn’t blink an eye, but please don’t make me make small talk with the other mothers at swim lessons.


Lanita Moss 

A Mother's Hood

Birth by Paperwork


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