Curve Ahead

In an instant, all we have can disappear. Tsunami's, earthquakes, tornadoes, car accidents - all these awful events bring us to click on seat belts and build stronger homes. But what about every day? What keeps our blessings in tact? Almost every day, I face those awful thoughts. Almost every day, I'm face with the potential of disaster. My son, who's gained speed and agility, can dart away from my sight in a second. He knows now the world is a candy bowl of sights and sounds, ready to touch and take.
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When I arrived at the grocery store, the only cart that my son would fit was outside, without cover, and on dirt and gravel. I had to get help just to get it on the sidewalk.

"Why do they put the children's cart over there?" I asked.

"They always shove it in the back," said the young man. I've asked many times if the store could put it closer to the door, heck, even under the eve would be a step up. Every parent, not just special needs has to deal with this. I've cleaned snow off the cart and had to turn it over sideways to dump pints of water off the seat. I thanked the young man for helping me, but had a strange feeling a storm was brewing. We went in the store and drove over to the vegetables.

At the checkout, my son joyfully placed the items on the conveyor belt. When I turned to pay, he ran to aisle #5 and grabbed the spaghetti sauce. I ran to get him. We repeated this two more times before I could pay. At the park, he played with delight just like any kid would. On the way to the car, he wandered (in a second) to an air conditioner jutting from a window. I screamed for him to stop just before he touched it. (The unit wasn't running, but it's the idea of learning not to touch large machines.)

Life is a curve - constant and winding. Special needs amplifies all that. How do we keep ahead of disasters? Appreciate all we have. Before I leave the house, I ask for help, protection, and to keep all healthy and happy those I love dearly. Then, I fasten my seatbelt, don my sunglasses, and look out for the curves ahead.



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