Custom $10 Pendant Light

DIY $10 Shade Pendant Light - Putter Home
I made this light last weekend for my daughters room. After scouring Pinterest she couldn't find any DIY ideas that she liked. Since she loves chevron we were going to try out the new FrogTape Shape Tape and paint the shade. But when we found the black and white dotted chevron body pillow cover at Target (no longer available) it was love at first sight! It was only $5 on clearance and we only need half of the fabric so we have another swatch to use for something else.
light canopy kit (if your pendant light kit doesn't already come with one; they sell this one at Lowes but I can't find it online)
large lamp shade
spray glue
fabric glue or hot glue gun
clothespins, clamps or other clampy item
electrician (or handy person who will not electrocute themselves, you, or sue you)
Instead of reinventing the wheel I'm going to point you to the tutorial that I used as a guide here. Make sure your fabric is wide enough. If the shade is conical at all you will need to add a couple inches to either side. I thought mine was a perfect cylinder; it was not and the body pillow was barely wide enough to cover. Trim  the fabric, spray the shade (outside) with the adhesive and then affix the fabric. I used fabric glue, but I've seen other tutorials that use a hot glue gun too. Just go with your gut and keep in mind the type of bulb you are using. If it's a hot incandescent then that could mess with your glue. We installed a fresh LED light bulb in ours.
DIY Shade Pendant Light - Putter Home
After the glue has dried you're ready to install it!
DIY Shade Pendant Light - Putter Home
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