Cut It Out: Keeping Your Hair Young

I seem to be going on and on about hair, but it is such an important aspect of our appearance and, I think, a reflection of how we feel. So, here are just a few more tips and comments about hair that I think are important in the grand scheme of keeping our hair – and ourselves – looking young.

1.No razor cut around the ears, no ears cut out period. We need hair around the face to soften our overall appearance. The hair around the face should also be feathered or ‘wispy’ and uneven, rather than hacked off in a straight line. Too much definition just draws attention to the flaws in the face. We also want hair hanging over our forehead in order to cover the lines there. Not ‘bangs’, in the traditional sense, but some nice, light curls or a casual side part.

2.If you get a good, modern haircut, the heartbreak of “helmet hair” is an unlikely possibility. However, even the best cut, if styled improperly, can turn into helmet hair or some variation thereof. Helmet hair, in case you don’t know, is that rounded ‘do where all the hair, all around the head, stands out very uniformly about 2 inches from the scalp. Any texturing or style is lost into one large mass, producing a round, smooth, ‘helmet’ effect. I think this is done through way too much blowing out or, God forbid, teasing. And, usually industrial amounts of hairspray are involved. (I should add that I'm aware of Justin Bieber's revival of helmet hair - his version, anyway. However, those of us who have underwear older than him invented the original and should be allowed to keep the term as our own.) Bottom line, unless you’re planning on trying out for the NFL, helmet hair is never acceptable.

3.Not completely unrelated to helmet hair is the phenomenon of “bed head”. Now, I think everybody knows what bed head is, but there is a particular strain to which the older woman is especially prone - the “modified bed head”, as I refer to it. This condition involves an isolated flat spot at the crown of the head, about 3 inches in diameter. Ladies with this affliction appear to have done an adequate job at styling the very front of their hair. They seem to have meant well, as around the face the hair looks pretty good, combed and fluffed out. Then, everything just stops….the very top of their head is flatter than a pancake. It looks all smashed and pressed down, like their head has been rubbing the headboard all night long, and not in a good way. They must have stood in front of the mirror at home and styled only the part of their hair they could see. Were they rushed for time? Did they think nobody would see the back? Unless you’re getting up off your deathbed to head to the ER, the modified bed head is not excusable.

Next time, we'll tackle (note the helmet hair/football reference) Home Hair Coloring!



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