Cutting and Pruning for the healing!

My heart goes out to the families that suffered in the tragic shooting in Connecticut.  We should of course be praying for their comfort now but we also should remember them in 6 months and in the years to come.  This will leave a hole in those families’ lives. This is a hurt no parent should have to deal with but for what ever reason this has happened and we should trust God and know that he has those families’ lives in his hands.  It is hard to understand why this would happen – I think instead we should pray- pray for the families, for the rest of their community, for the school staff, for our country.  

I have arrived inSouth Carolinaand so far it has been a rainy, dreary day.  I am looking forward to experiencing family day with my son tomorrow.  I have lots of batteries for the camera thanks to a friend at work and I am intending on taking a whole bunch of pictures! My trip so far has been lots of fun!  I have managed to get through all the airports without any trauma – so far! I even road the mono-rail train inDallasand found my connecting flight in plenty of time. I have also discovered why my rental car was a much better rate per day than the other companies.  After all the walking through the airport and picking up my bag I went to the rental car counter. I listened to the rental agent explain to the person in front of me where the cars are located.  When it got to be my turn she asked me “Do I know where the cars were located?”  She had told the previous customers out the door to the left over the cross walk.  Well I went out the door to the left over the cross walk- and it felt like 10 miles later there was my car.  Okay, maybe not really 10 miles but it sure felt like it-In the rain dragging my suitcase behind me.  It turned out to be a really nice car and the car rental agent gave me great directions to the hotel and since I was able to check in a little early and have since had a nap I am feeling great and am very much looking forward to the fun day tomorrow!!  

I have a friend from High School who I have been keeping in touch with on Facebook who is dealing with some personal issues.  I won’t call him by name here to protect his identity so he will be my friend Mr. Bee’s Knees!  I have always liked him- he was always fun to be around and never made me feel like I was not good enough and would seem to try to make me part of what ever group we were standing in at the time.  He reached out for prayer recently in a post on Facebook.  In the days since he has been learning some very important things about himself and his friends he had surrounded himself with in the last few years.  He had made a comment the other day that has stuck with me in light of all the changes God has been making/still is making in my own life. 

 Mr. Bee’s Knees commented about part of his healing involved in him making several phone calls and talking to some of the people he had surrounded himself with in the past few years and ending those relationships.  He has also since then decided to separate himself from some people on Facebook as well.  Sometimes the comments they were making were hurtful and being counter productive to his healing so he de-friended them!  And I say good for you!  We need to be careful who we surround ourselves with and the company we keep. It is easy to slip back into past behaviors if you surround yourself with people that live that particular life style.  It is easy to think you are strong enough – like me with the Christmas cookies in the freezer.  They called me out by name! I know it!  I didn’t eat them all in one sitting but they did not last as long as they should have! So this time I am requesting a fewer amount and will work harder at keeping my will power up to not eat them all at once!  The point I am making is it did not take me long to go ahead and eat them instead of leaving them.  Mr. Bee’s Knees made a great big giant step in healing by cutting those people out of his life- and is working very hard to keep the negative in check as well.   

There is no way to keep all negativity out of our lives – that is just the way of the world. However scripture reminds us we are in this world not of this world.  

John 15:18-19 (MSG)

18-19 “If you find the godless world is hating you, remember it got its start hating me. If you lived on the world’s terms, the world would love you as one of its own. But since I picked you to live on God’s terms and no longer on the world’s terms, the world is going to hate you.

 I am not implying this is easy because it is not! We let ourselves – okay I say we and am meaning me! I let myself get surrounded with people who are selfish and the only time they call is when they need something or want something from me.  I have been making a conscious effort to stop that. Over the last few years I have surrounded myself with positive people who are encouraging to me and only want the best to happen in my life.  I am feeling the same for them as well.  I want only the best for my friends and am very happy for their success!! God has answered my prayer about being a better friend so I could be surrounded with lots of friends! 

When Mr. Bee’s Knees commented on doing the weeding on his friends list and making those phone calls it reminded me of a gardener cutting and pruning his garden getting it ready for the next season’s harvest.  Mr. Bee’s Knees seems to be doing the same.  When he reduced the negativity in his life he opened the door for some of his “real” friends to come in and be part of the healing process!  When you look at his posts he has loads of people praying for/over him and giving him the strength he needs to keep on keeping on!!

 John 15:1-3 (MSG))

1-3 “I am the Real Vine and my Father is the Farmer. He cuts off every branch of me that doesn’t bear grapes. And every branch that is grape-bearing he prunes back so it will bear even more. You are already pruned back by the message I have spoken.

 When God makes these changes in us he is cutting the dead weight out of our lives.  He is making way for our growth- he is giving us the opportunity to flower and reach for the sun (the Son in my own translation!)  I am finding that for every change God is helping me make in my life I am much closer to Him.  That this is a journey we are taking together and I am feeling a much closer more intimate relationship with Him.  God has been an awesome father/husband/provider in my life and I am not ready to replace that part at this time!

 I am praying for you!

Miss Wanda 

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