Up-cycling A Meaningful Card

Getting things on the wall always makes such a big change in a room!

I got this card from a good friend with a bachelorette party gift.  When I opened this card I thought it was just perfect and vowed to do something special with it.  Plus – I love the design and the colors of it.

I had some sage burlap that I used as my wedding table runners left over as well as one of the frames from the ‘Seat Yourself” sign.

I covered the piece of cardboard (that came with the frame) with the burlap and secured the corners with just dot of glue so it didn’t shift.

Then, I centered the card onto the burlap wrapped cardboard and secured the back with a bit more glue.

And finally, I put it all together.

I love how the burlap works as a mat and color brings out the greens in the card.  Not bad for a free piece of art that uses a very meaningful card from a friend.  : )

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