Cynical people more likely to develop dementia

Do you constantly consider the glass half empty? Are you generally distrustful of people? Do you always wonder what someone's motivation is for being nice? You may be at an increased risk for developing dementia.

Yes, cynical people now have yet another reason to think the glass is half empty. New research out of the University of Eastern Finland found that compared to their more positive counterparts, people with high levels of cynical distrust are THREE TIMES more likely to develop dementia.

The team assessesed the answers of older people (average age 71) to questions like:

(How much do you agree with these:)

- I think most people would lie to get ahead.

 - It is safer to trust nobody.

- Most people will use somewhat unfair reasons to gain profit or an advantage rather than lose it.

Yes, the researchers adjusted for other factors that could affect dementia risk. The good news is that there was no link between cynicism and early death. Maybe things ARE looking up!

Here's what I read:


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