Daddy's Birthday

Today is Daddy’s Birthday

Daddy would have been 73 today.  Instead, he will forever be 72.  Too young, in my opinion.  Too young.

But today, I decided that Daddy would want me:

To get back to it, and carry on To go see Owen’s soccer practice, as he would have done, even on his birthday To acknowledge all the wonderful family/friends/co-workers/neighbors/etc that reached out to us online, at the funeral and through the mail To recognize that life isn’t fair and that’s the way it is To realize we all fought and believed, but it wasn’t enough To keep his memory alive in my boys, but I know that’s an easy one To remember that growing up was fun….and keep that going with my boys To let some crap go…….seriously

And…to always know, he loved me.

Happy Birthday, Daddy.  I miss you everyday, but I know you are watching out for me.