"DAGNY" A Memoir of My Mother's Life

My mother, Dagny, used to say, "I was born the same day as an Olympian skater, and the same year the Titanic sunk (1912). Hope it's not a sign.” It was.

But in spite of the highs and lows that Dagny experienced, including becoming a step mother to 5 children at the age of 24 and marrying a man twice her age, she managed to find humor in almost everything. When I came along a few years later, we shared many joys and tears. Together we found a way to survive the ultimate sorrow for a mother or grandmother—the death of a child. There are laughs and tears in this memoir as well. Writing it has helped me get to know Dagny better—and myself. It has inspired others to dig through old photos and begin writing about their mothers. May it inspire you as well.