The Daily 5-Minute Dance Party!

What’s a great way for you and your kids to have fun together, while allowing them to be their unique selves and express themselves physically? The Daily Five Minute Dance Party! Get some fun music to play anywhere that is safe in your house, turn it up, and start dancing with your kids.

Encourage them to get as creative and fun as they want, and this is also a time for you to get crazy and laugh with your kids. You’ll realize how much of a stress reliever this is, when you can shake out all the nannies of your day. Try to make it an every day thing, or every couple days. I guarantee your kids will get excited when they know it’s dance party time.

When you’ve milked plain old dancing, that’s where you can start getting creative. Here’s a simple game called “Freeze Dance.” When the music starts, everyone dances. When the music stops, everyone freezes in the position they were in last. It gets real fun when you start freezing in ridiculous poses.

Take it up a notch even further! During the “freeze,” tell them certain ways to dance... keep it vague so they can interpret it the way they’d like. I had a ton of fun doing this last week with my students at The Little Gym.

Here’s some ideas I used:

“Now dance like you’re angry!!”
“Now dance like mommy would dance!”
“Now dance like your favorite animal!”
“Now do the ‘rump shaker’!”
“Now do the super fast dance!”
“Now dance like you’re sad.”
“Now dance like a super silly person!”
“Now dance like a robot!”
“Now dance like a fish!”

You’d be surprised at how creative your children can be when put to the test. Life is about creating, and it’s innate. Our job is to create the ideal environment for children to do their best creating.

The Last Dance Idea - The Dance Off

Challenge your kids to a dance off. While the music’s playing, you go first, then you finish your dance with a cue for them to dance (a double handed point), and they will start, then they point back to you, and so on. This can get real fun because your kids will be forced to get creative... and so will you!

Want to show the world how creative your children are? Record your kid(s) during the dance party following your instructions and we’ll see where they take it. I’ll post each and every video I get. E-mail links to submissions here with some info that you’d like me to include.

Let’s go parents! Get out your video cameras and start dancing with your kids!

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