The Daily Face: Quick Mommy Skin Care for Anti-Aging

I was having a conversation the other day with my friend Tiffani about how we used to think – pre-kids – that we were soooo busy. And then we had children. And we can’t remember what we actually spent our time doing back in the “busy” days.

This isn’t a dig at people who don’t have kids. It’s just the truth about reality – it’s impossible to understand how constantly busy you can actually be until you have kids. You parents know what I’m talking about. Having kids magnifies everything that you do – heck, just getting out the door to run to Target takes like twenty minutes.

One of the things I struggle with is skincare – as in, taking the time to actually take care of my face twice a day. I mean, we all know that this is a super important part of…being alive. WASH YOUR FACE. But as you get older, it goes beyond that. Suddenly you need to focus on the dreaded anti-aging routines – because you’ve got fine lines and forehead wrinkles popping up faster than you can say “baby face.”...Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project

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