Daily Process, Jaipur


But the view is remarkable!!

The electricity appears to go off every morning around 7:00  for an hour or so which translates to no cooking and no water, since the water pump is electric.  I can get water by the bucket which is a great back up, (the only downside is I get to see how unsanitary the water actually is...)  By the way, the water is for flushing the toilet, showering, washing dishes/clothes, etc.

 The people who sell milk and yogurt are up early, so I can buy my supplies before the power goes off to indulge in a morning cup of coffee.  What happened to turning on the coffee maker and reaching into the refrigerator for cream?  But that cup of coffee tastes so good!  The leftover milk goes into cooking a bowl of rice with almonds and raisins, since I still don't have refrigeration.  Reading, exercising, blogging, or whatever are on the agenda until heading off to the ashram.

 Adding a plug in mosquito control system (Thank you Nat!) has been great for eliminating mosquitos and crawling bugs in my room at night.  Not sure what I am breathing, but it is all a compromise.  Have you ever noticed how remarkable ants are?  If I drop one grain of rice they are on clean-up duty.  They really are quite remarkable little creatures.

 The weather is still warm, so the one sheet at night with the mattress is working out fine.  Planning to have Flying Turtle bring my sleeping bag when he visits Gurudev in November, since the weather will start to change from what I hear.

Hand washed clothes still dry in a day.  Now that the rains are over, the cloth items don't smell like mildew.  Exercise bike is great.  I roll up my mattress and make my room into a mini-gym. Although, I was just asked not to jump rope any longer, since there is a crack in the ceiling and I might fall through.  I am glad they noticed and said something!

 Missing vegetables incredibly, so the once a week salad is a delicacy.  Staying healthy for the past few weeks, so my gut bugs may have adjusted.

 Karn got one of his locks fixed, so now it is easy to open the back door in the dark.  Small details that make life flow.   It is awesome to be close to the ashram.  


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