Daily Ups and Pounds

Who’s the blogger? I’m a 29 year old, married, mom of three kids four and under who’s trying to get back in shape after gaining 60lbs (oops! – that’s about 35 more than recommended, btw) with each pregnancy. Outside of the blogosphere, I’m a business writer who dabbles in freelance photography. I love reading, music, social networking, and I’ve acquired somewhat of a workout habit.

What’s the blog about? Lots of things, but I’ll rattle off a few topics that come to mind…eating, losing weight, gaining weight, diets, exercise, being addicted to sugar, product reviews, some random OCD-esque freakouts, funny stuff, not so funny stuff, and random sob-fests about how much I STILL want to binge on sugar even though I know the consequences are wicked bad.

What’s up with the title, “Daily Ups and Pounds?” The blog’s title is taken from this quote: “Life is full of ups and pounds.” I’m one of those people who finds symbolism in every breath and who can’t help but speak in analogies and metaphors. So, when I stumbled upon this quote I felt like it fit. I read it this way – life is full of good days when we’re in shape, feeling great, and enjoying life; it’s also full of bad days when we have a less than perfect body, we want to feed our emotions with food, and we’re just downright miserable. All true stuff!

Soooo, what’s the point? I started Facebooking my workout stats a while ago to stay accountable to myself and my workout buddies. Subsequently, I had a few people tell me that my posts (I really wondered if they were obnoxious) were actually helping them stay on track, too. Sooooo…this blog is basically the supporting information behind those posts. I really hope it’s helpful.

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