Dairy-Free Mango Lime Shake

Mango Lime Shake

New York  City is handy with its fresh fruit stands on practically every street corner and I like to take full advantage on my walk to the office. Last summer I ate a mango every morning for breakfast. Eating the messy fruit caused some sideward glances from coworkers as I attempted to quickly scarf it down while becoming covered in the orange pulp. The bold sweetness and bright flesh remind me of the lazy summer sunsets. Here's a less sloppy way to eat, or should I say, sip all that mango goodness.

Mango Lime Shake

14oz frozen mango flesh

2 cups coconut milk, after flesh is extracted (if you use canned milk)

1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk

1 lime - half for juice, half for garnish slices.

Place coconut milk, almond milk, lime juice (extracted from 1/2 lime, about two tablespoons) and frozen mango flesh in a blender. I like to use the leftover coconut milk after the fatty pulp is extracted, because I often use the actual fatty part to make ice cream. This isn't necessary, you can use the entire can for this recipe. It will still taste delicious, but it will add on a few hundred calories. Blend all ingredients in blender until shake-like consistency.  Serve with a slice of lime for garnish. Serves about four.


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