"Damages" Recap - Episode 13: Because I Know Patty

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In honor of the "Damages" finale, this is a special live blog of the finale of "Damages" as it happens. I'm losing sleep over this guys, so I hope you enjoy it.

We start this final episode the same way we started the first episode. The operatic music cut with the stylized shots of New York and the ringing of the elevator bell as we cut to the entrance of Patty's apartment building.

Ellen's listens to David's message about the videotape.

Ellen's attacker opens the door with a key and lures Corey out to the patio with a treat. This guy's well-dressed and doesn't look like Scruffy the Killer's accomplice, but okay.

He's looking for something but what? Corey starts barking and Ellen gets up. She fights with the attacker and he falls on the knife. She runs out.

Scruffy the Killer is sitting outside with...his accomplice! The elevator bells rings and there's bloody Ellen running out. Right past Scruffy the Killer and the accomplice. The accomplice gets back in the car and as they recognize Ellen, they beat it out of there.

So if it wasn't Scruffy's accomplice, who was Ellen's attacker?

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