Dames Who Dish

Started in August 2011,  Dames Who Dish was originally meant to be a way for four friends to keep in touch and have fun as life was geographically pulling them in different directions. Abbie and Joni weren't going very far, as they were finishing up their Master's degrees at the eastern Ohio university that all four girls attended as undergrads. Jeannette was off to a university on the other side of Ohio to begin her Master's degree, and Sarah was off to study in country on the other side of the world.

Now at the beginning of 2013, the Dames Who Dish blog is still going strong. Sarah has long since returned to the U.S. and has entered the working world, Abbie and Joni officially have Master's degrees and are searching for the perfect job, and Jeannette, who will soon graduate with her Master's degree, is looking towards her academic future.

And the blog that started as a spur of the moment idea, has created an enthusiasm in the four girls that they didn't anticipate.

The Dames will be dishing up posts about personal reflections, recipes, crafts, fashion, music, movies, books, quotes, pictures, ideas, beauty, and anything else that strikes their fancy.