Dance Away and Let The Stare

Nothing spells happiness as putting on a size smaller and it fitting.  Many women who do not understand the plight of the dieter can continue to read, but you will never understand what a feeling of joy this is, and the utter idiot you can look like in the store during this moment of truth.  I have been faithful to my Jenny for over two months.  My love/hate relationship with processed food came to an end yesterday as two sizes were lost.  Now many dieters like to say this just happened, it fell off, if was simple, no hunger at all.  Right!  "Sell crazy somewhere else...all stocked up here"...thank you Jack Nicholson! Weight does not fall off my body, it creeps at a pace slower than a snail.  That is ok with me as I have accepted myself as truly the slowest loser of body mass this side of the Mississippi!  I am not the drastic loser, I will not do absolute gimmicks that restrict my calories to a level of the insane.  So there in lies alot of quick weight loss products that I will never fact Jenny is the closest thing to quick I have sauntered upon.  This all began with my hip surgery and the fact that exercise is a bit problematic and in fact still under close watch...but with that said if exercise will shed more pounds bring in back on, as the dance of joy overrides the pain. Half-way through my Jenny purchases and my affair with the microwave, I will continue on and throw in exercise with caution.  I know my body and this is one woman who will get to a weight, undisclosed thank you, and head over to the other side (WW)  aka Weight Watchers and stay on points for the rest of my life. Why, I have accepted that this is who I am on the outside and not who I want to be on the outside, and to get that look one must suffer, it is very simple.  Once this suffering has concluded I never want to go through this again! I will continue to dance during my journey and that will keep me energized and my mindful eating and smart teaching tools that WW does give so wonderfully will gear me to a lifetime of healthy eating habits that were never formed.  So while my tales at the scale are not quite over, nor is the occassionally desire to scream at the number that appears, or my food choice of the day. My fortitude and happy balance in life, eating and health will bring about the change I desire.  So next time you see a woman dancing in a department store...just say "congratulations!"  She has earned it! Excerpt

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