Dance to Your Dreams

Be alive and increase your expectations as you dance your dream.

For the most part, we all have a dream or a goal.  We can ask ourselves if our goal is one of those 'sorta' goals that we have planted not so firmly in the back of our mind? Or, are you one of those folks that are part of what I like to call, "The Come What May Group"?  In my humanness I am  constantly moving ever forward to one dream than to another with no particular focus that lasts, if I am lucky, longer than a day.  It is my philosophy that my soul purpose and dreams are tied together as I search for and come to an understanding of my yearnings.  Many books are written holding forth the promise of life satisfaction; all with different viewpoints and some times rigid or not so rigid systems of accomplishing the task.  I have repeated many times before that each is okay.  We all may come from a different place of belief but we hold the basic oneness of remaining hopeful that are lives have meaning.

I challenge everyone including myself, to bring our unique and glorious dreams to the forefront of our minds, focus on the reality it will become and be excited and alive as we increase our expectations and dance wildly with vigor to the realization of our dreams.

Susan Banner Todd,