Dancing Crushes are More Than Healthy | Women's Voices For Change

OK, OK, so ScienceDaily trumpets the health benefits of dancing, and other studies have indicated that dancing may very help to prevent dementia, but I can tell you for sure that dancing provides an additional -- and very important -- benefit that none of the scientific studies have touched.

quadrille-ete-lebas-ca1820Dance crushes.

A dance crush is one of the most delightful experiences ever. It is one of the best parts of dancing. It is a creature of convenience – no commitment, except for the duration of the dance; no needing to talk, except for the body-to-body conversation on the dance floor. A dance crush is immediate and unconditional during its finite, but intense life. And, above all, it’s fun without consequences. (If it’s “consequences” you want, don’t look for them in a dance crush.)


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