Dancing with no Legs

Amy Purdy & Derek Hough

Oh My Gosh!!! Not much can make me say those words but Amy Purdy and Derek Hough on dancing with the Stars is definitely worth the saying! For those who don’t follow Dancing with the Stars the show focuses on celebrities being paired up with professional ballroom dancers. The then dance through sets every week one couple being eliminated from each round. The winner gets to have a huge donation to their choice of charities.

Sounds boring doesn’t it? Well Amy is a Olympic snow boarder who is shining in this series. Why? I mean really what’s so special about snow boarders? they are a dime a dozen especially in the USA. Well how about this, Amy is a double amputee. Yup you read right. She has no feet and no legs below knee.

Whoa what? Yup despite missing those limbs she STILL won an Olympic medal as a snow boarder. Now she is astounding people world wide with her awesome and sexy moves. For her issue Amy has several prosthetic feet. She uses these with good humor and skills telling her dance instructor at the beginning to be careful with how he swings her or her legs might actually fly off.

You would think a dance competition would probably have to make alot of allowances for her and they might have thought about it at the beginning but Amy has proven that she’s not dancing with a handicap..she is dancing in spite of it! Her moves are timed perfectly and her partner is wonderful in picking ball room dances that they can nail together as a team rather then him being the lead and her being....well carried. Because of this they are quickly becoming a fan fav!

As if this wasn’t enough Amy Purdy is, well, Purdy! There’s good humor and compassion in her eyes and the joy she has for dancing shines in her smile as she does the Tango and Waltz with class and style making you forget that she has no feet to tap. This sweet person is truly an inspiration and if you’ve never watched Dancing with the Stars now is the time to watch it if you truly want to be blown away by something that usually elicits yawns.

As for me I’m going to vote and vote and vote for Mrs. Purdy and Derek. Even if they don’t win I’m going to keep the you tube videos of this fabulous duo in my favorites list to enjoy because something this classic is a winner.

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