Dancing with Pigs

I have a strange admiration for politicians. I wouldn't want to be one, but they have a big task. Ever try to convince someone to do what you want, when they don't want to? Harder still is to convince someone to agree with you when they don't.

One reason is that we're all averse to change. We may think we like it, but what do we do on vacations? Go to different places and look for familiar faces, foods, bed pillows just like at home on the bed. Even those are easier to accept than cnanging our fond beliefs.

We are attached to our own beliefs, and even more so when they are challenged. We accept statements that agree with our own beliefs, reject those that don't. Did you ever hear anyone, other than a recently  jilted lover, admit that their beliefs were all wrong? Say "How could I have been so stupid?" Picture a rabid Tea Partier at an Obama rally saying that, in a conversion experience? Ain't happening.

I get e-mails from well-meaning but misguided friends, daily updates to prove that I, like all Democrats, are short on facts. "Obama sent all our money to Finland!" "Obama's Kenyan birth certificate found!" I either ignore them or thank them profusely. They will not stop.

As a wise person said : "Don't try to teach a pig to dance. It won't work, and it only annoys the pig."


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