Dancing With The Stars: Bristol in a Monkey Suit and a a Brady Bunch Tango

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The top 8 tackle a TV theme, and I'm wondering: Can they not do this theme again, please? It was like watching a bad sex therapist tape on incorporating role play into your sex life. Not that I've ever watched a sex therapist tape, good or bad.

So hanging their hat on that, it went down like this:

1. Brandy and Max danced a Quickstep to the "Friends" theme

I'm not sure what their dance had to do with the show "Friends," although it was to the "Friends" theme song. And this is when I realize that maybe I misunderstand the challenge. At any rate, they did a great job with a tough routine...and Brandy looked like it was a piece of cake for her! I think she's safe safe safe.

2. Florence and Corky danced a Tango to the "The Brady Bunch" theme

Florence rocks the Carol Brady flip, and that kind of says it all. Although I did wonder why, in her tribute to Robert Reed, she had to mention *how* he died (of AIDS). But, definitely, she's safe. (Oh, and she danced OK, although Corky found a way to dance around her, like the female pros usually do for their men.)

3. Kurt and Anna danced a Quickstep to the "Bewitched" theme

Charming, right? I still think he cuts a fine figure on the dance floor, even if he's not always perfectly graceful. And who can vote to send that smile home? He's got the ladies vote, I'm guessing, so I'm also guessing he'll be safe.

4. Audrina and Tony danced a Rumba to the "The Hills" theme (aka "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield

There was a weird staccato feeling to this rumba...not the fluidity one should see at all. She's got nice lines and technique, but the style seemed way off to me. Could be at risk, but even if not: She'll need to step it up.

5. Kyle and Lacey danced a Foxtrot to the "Charlie's Angels" theme

And this I could have lived without. He looked schleppy. The dance was kind of slow and labored. The whole things was plodding along...making me wish it was already over after it had just started. Should be at risk, although I don't know if he will be.

6. Rick and Cheryl danced a Rumba to the "Hill Street Blues" theme

I really do admire Rick that he can dance like he's not 6'7" (and his partner 5'4"). And he has admirable hip action to go with his charm! I think he'll still be safe.

7. Bristol and Mark danced a Jive to the "Monkees" theme

Oh yikes. Starting in ape suits (no, I'm not even kidding) was not a good idea. And I wonder how many times they got to practice in those. Bristol was confused and addled from the beginning. She made so many mistakes. It was actually just sad. She had done a nice, if not charismatic, rumba the previous week, but the jive did her in. I think this may be the end of the road.

8. Jennifer and Derek danced a Foxtrot to the "Married with Children" theme

Charming, effortless. Perhaps too effortless. It didn't have the obvious complexity and impressiveness of last week's tango, so I think she got downgraded for taking it easy. Still, she's safe. Obviously.

Bottom line for the Bottom 2:

Should be: Bristol and Kyle with Bristol going home

Will be: Bristol and Audrina with Bristol going home

But what did you think?


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