Dancing With the Stars: Final Four Perform 3 (well, 2.5) Dances

This is it!  The final performances before the finale next week on Dancing With the Stars.  The final four couples are really exciting this year: Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson, Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough, Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel, and Mya and Dmitry Chaplin.

I was super super sad to see Aaron Carter go, I felt he could have really stuck it in there for the long run, but unfortunately his fan base was just not as strong as some others.  But big kudos go out to him for his big heart and enthusiasm, and penchant for tremendous improvement in his dance technique.  He entered the show a boy, and exited a man.

Tonight for the first time in Dancing With the Star's history, the final four couples perform three times for the audience.  They finally get a chance to perform that "last chance dance" they've been working on for the past few weeks in the event they landed in the bottom two.  Needless to say, these dances are so short (geeze, I think about 30 seconds), that I don't really even consider them more than a post script for their other two dances.

Even the coaching from Gilles Marini couldn't help Donny and Kym's unfortunate Tango. Not only was the song selection terrible (it just didn't scream "tango"), the whole dance just never got off the ground, and Donny's face surely gave away the fact. Safe to say he had nowhere to go but up. Judges' scores: 7-7-7

Fortunately, he redeemed himself with his fantastic Samba.  Donny's solo completely smoked when he broke out in moves directly from his Osmond Brothers days on stage.  Plus, he had an absolute ball, which made up for him berating himself after his Tango. I think most people might disagree, but I really love the way that he cheers for himself when he knows he did a good job.  He likes to celebrate when he nails it. I think more artists should do that for themselves.  Judges scores: 8-9-9

Their third dance was the Jitterbug which was short but sweet.  Very energetic and fun. And surprisingly, their best scores of night. Judges scores: 9-9-9

Joanna and Derek's first dance of the night was a Viennese Waltz.  I have not been a big Joanna fan all these weeks, but this waltz caught me completely off guard.  The beginning was really beautiful and I actually believed her when she acted the romance in the dance.  Except for one odd move where she was posed in a kind of dip with her knees bent, this was super good.  And the song was an excellent match as well.  Judges scores: 9-9-9

Second for Joanna was a Cha Cha Cha, which I was excited to see after her great Viennese Waltz.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as "cheeky" as it could have been, although it was fun to watch her sing along with the song while she danced.  It shows just how much she enjoys herself when she dances, and that always endears me to a dancer. Judges scores: 9-9-9

Their last dance was the Salsa which was cute, but I was surprised that I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. Plus Derek stumbled in the hold at the end.  Shame!  Judges scores: 9-9-9

Kelly is my underdog, and I loooooove rooting for the underdog.  She has this magical ability to capture an audience with her joy and enthusiasm.  Plus she has a radiant smile.  Not a bad dancer, either! Her first dance of the night was a Rumba, and although she and Louis didn't really capture the sensual feeling that is really needed in the Rumba, they did a really great job.  Kelly's lines were great, and she moved with great precision and control. Judges scores: 8-8-8

Kelly and Louis busted out of the starting gate with their second dance, a Quickstep.  This is Kelly's real forte and she did not disappoint. Their movements were super quick, super precise and energetic.  Once again she completely lit up the entire room with that smile while she glided across the floor in Louis' arms.  Plus her dress was fabulous. Judges scores: 9-9-9

The judges onces again continued to praise Kelly for her third dance, the Cha Cha Cha, which was so quick it was really hard to get anything but just a taste. Her technique was excellent and precise, and she really put a finish on all her moves. Judges scores: 9-9-9

Mya also has not been a favorite of mine through this season, for no reason other than I never really got that she enjoyed herself at all on the dance floor. It all looked like work for her to me, and she looked kinda bored at times. However she, like Joanna, pulled it out tonight, and impressed me with her Waltz which had a good measure of feeling in it.  I believed it.  Their moves were very smooth, lines excellent and their romance was very sweet.  The Waltz has always been a ho-hum dance for me, you really have to capture my attention for me to get into it and Mya and Dmitry succeeded. Judges scores: 9-9-10

Mya and Dmitry broke away from the pack again with their Salsa, which was just excellent, excellent, crazy good. Mya did the best solo I've ever seen from a star in a Latin dance.  Ok, who cares about her "prior dance experience" when she gives it this good?  Her Salsa had fun, party, speed, precision, everything. Judges scores: 10-10-10

Mya's third dance was also the Cha Cha Cha, and it was amazingly exciting and dynamic, and was full of content. Not an easy feat for a 30 second (ok, 29) dance. This was absolutely the best last dance of the evening. Judges scores: 9-10-10

SO! The leader board stands like this:

1st: Mya/Dmitry with 87

2nd: Joanna/Derek with 81

3rd: Kelly/Louis with 78

4th: Donny/Kym with 74

The suspense will be over tomorrow night when we find out who makes it to the finals next week.  My picks are Kelly, Donny for sentimental, artistic reasons, and Mya just because she's good.  Will I be right or wrong?  Tune in and find out!!


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