Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 6 Trod the Boards with Retreads

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This being the 200th episode, Dancing with the Stars decided to do a retread episode: This season's couples "reinterpreting" favorite dances fromprevious seasons. And they brought back the celeb who danced that favorite dance originally to join the judges panel for that one dance.

They also brought back two previous champions to "coach" the teams in a team Cha Cha Challenge. (Where is David Bowie when you need him?)

Um, I'm not into the themes on DWtS this year. Including this one.

They started with the Cha Cha Challenge, and the teams were:

Team Kristi Yamaguchi:




Team Apolo Ono:




Team Kristi kicked it off with their Cha Cha Challenge (don't ask me why I like typing that whole thing, I just do.)

Rick looked pretty damn fine, but I was underwhelmed by the other two couples, especially in their solo moments. Bristol continues to be the dancer who most obviously has trouble learning, retaining and executing her dance routines -- losing steps and falling behind the beat. That being said, her leg lines are nice. Kyle, as I've said before, still doesn't do it for me. Which, considering he's only 19, is ok with me.

Team Apolo came next with their Cha Cha Challenge.

Kurt seriously looked like he was just marking it (not dancing full out, only like he was rehearsing the steps, for those of you who don't know the dancing lingo).Brandy looked great, although she does have that detached air sometimes. Finally, Jennifer looked great. The only problem is that now it just makes me nervous watching her, thinking about her injuries and old body. (I say this as someone only 3 years younger.) But, old body or not, she did a great job with a lot of impressive, quick twisting moves.

Now for the solo dances, all based on past dances done by past competitors on past seasons of Dancing with the Stars. Because an object d'art may have to be 50 years old to qualify as an antique, but a dance can be just one year back, and it's already a fondly-regarded relic.

1. Kyle and Lacey danced the infamous Mel B/Maksim Paso Doble

(Guest Judge: Mel B)

Kyle did a pretty good job. He didn't just seem to be trying to showboat (which doubles as charisma to these judges). He had a seriousness and intensity that was welcome an necessary for the character of this dance. He's still a bit of a flat-foot on the floor. But this might have been the most appealing dance he's done so far. So, I'm guessing he's safe.

2. Kurt and Anna danced an Emmitt Smith/Cheryl Tango

(Guest Judge: Emmitt Smith)

Kurt, sadly, looked scared throughout this routine, not intense. He had the right steps and the right carriage. But he didn't have the right character. She was manhandling him, not the other way around. I think he may be gone baby gone.

As Emmitt gave this dance a 10, just like Mel B had the dance before, I started to wonder: Are all the guest judges going to give 10s? And if so, what's the point?

3. Bristol and Mark danced the Kelly Osborne/Louis Viennese Waltz

(Guest Judge: Kelly Osborne -- looking tiny, in kind of a scary "is that really her" kind of way)

You could tell they simplified this routine for Bristol. Like Kurt, she basically had all the steps down, and an inoffensive, pleasant smile, but I didn't feel anything. And I didn't think she felt anything. Which was what this routine had going for it when Kelly did it. Really, it's about time for Bristol to be at risk big-time, especially combined with her Cha Cha performance. But Kurt may save her from elimination.

4. Rick and Cheryl danced the Helio Castroneves/Julianne Quick Step

(Guest Judge: Helio Castroneves)

OK, I liked the Apolo/Juliane Quick Step from the previous season much better, I'm surprised it wasn't up ther ein the top voting :( I was happy to see Faith show up to help her boyfriend Rick in rehearsals. (Yes, I know her name is Eliza Dushku, but she'll always be Faith to me.) Her visit seemed to do the trick, as he did loosen up. He really does move really well and super-fast for such a big guy. I think he's safe.

5. Brandy and Maks danced the Gilles Marini/Cheryl Foxtrot

(Guest Judge: Gilles Marini)

There are really only two things to criticize about Brandy: She does need to extend her feet a bit more and finish off her lines, and she usually needs to seem more into the dance, more expressive, particularly with her face. But, this time, she got the sensuality down. Nonetheless, Brandy was the one who proved the guest judges weren't told to just automatically give 10s, as Gilles gives them a 9! Jeez, Gilles, way to harsh the 200th episode's mellow. And hey Mel, Emmitt, Kelly and Helio: What were you smoking? On. and Brandy is safe.

6. Jennifer and Derek danced the Drew Lachey/Cheryl Tango

(Guest Judge: Drew Lachey)

Again: Great job this week, but damn, I now worry about every twist and turn. Is it just me? Am I seeing things differently because they'e telling me to worry about her neck and her back and her etc. etc. etc.? Or is she really moving just a little bit less well and seeming less agile than she used too? I think she's safe either way.

Bottom line for the Bottom 2:

Should be? Krut and Bristol, with Kurt going home.

And I kinda think it will be...what about you?

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