Dancing With the Stars Recap: The Top 9 Get Down in the Round

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This week Dancing with the Stars mixed it up...in two ways.

#1: They built an elevated, round stage and brought the audience close up all the way around.

#2: Supposedly it was "acoustic" night...although they added so many strings I'm not sure it was really noticeable.

The dances were the "romantic Rumba" and the "passionate Argentine Tango."

And here's how it went down:

1. Kurt and Anna danced a Rumba

I liked this a whole lot more than the judges did. I was just so pleasantly surprised to see Kurt totally give in to the undulating hips that I thought it was charming. It's true his arms were more sharp than fluid, but I still liked this, judges or not. He might be at risk given the low scores, though.

2. Brandy and Maks danced a Rumba

And in this case I didn't like it quite as much as the judges. I thought she seemed a bit robotic. She sure does have nice long legs, I will totally give her that, but I didn't quite feel the same 2-3 point spread between her and Kurt that the judges did. I'm guessing she's safe another week on the strength of that.

3. Rick and Cheryl danced an Argentine tango

He might have been feeling up a storm on the inside, but he came across as stiff and impassive on the outside. And? He didn't do much. I mean, I now the male stars have it easier as the female pros dance rings around them, but it was pretty glaring in this routine. He might actually be at risk.

4. Kyle and Lacey danced a Rumba

And it kinda made me think "ewww." I noticed how they made sure to mention he's 19...not 15, not 16...not underage, people, get your minds out of the gutter. There's no room for it there anyway, since his is taking up all the space! Kyle's bad posture was also pretty evident in this. His head is thrust forward, creating an awkward angle. He may still be safe, given his fanbase, but this wasn't stellar, IMHO.

5. Mike S. and Karina danced an Argentina Tango

OK...I still give him credit for effort. He did impressive lifts, and I believe he's really trying. But he did look scared to death throughout the routine. I wasn't too surprised how he kept saying he was just glad Karina was in one piece. Brave woman. And he's at risk.

6. Florence and Corky danced a Rumba

Florence actually has the same posture issue Kyle has, and there were many moments of awkwardness during this routine. I think they tried to accomplish a lot, and she wasn't quite up to it! I still think people won't be firing Mrs. Brady quite yet.

7. Jennifer and Derek danced an Argentine Tango

Another great performance from this duo...they had the speed and the sharpness that gives a tango its excitement. Jennifer could actually stand to extend her legs a little more...sometimes her knees don't seem completely straight when they should be, but other than that, this was impressive. She's safe, definitely.

8. Bristol and Mark danced a Rumba

This bordered on both trashy and creepy. But that aside, Bristol did a surprisingly good job. I wouldn't say she explodes with charisma, but she's developing technique. The question is: Is that enough?

9. Audrina and Tony danced an Argentine Tango

I was left feeling a little "meh" on this. This seems stilted to me. I wasn't feeling it. Enough to put her at risk? I think there are clearly others who are wore.

So, bottom line:

The Bottom Two Should Be:

Mike S. and Rich, with Mike S. going home

The Bottom Two Will Be:

Mike S. and Kurt, with Mike S. going home

But what did you think?


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