Dandelion Gifts: Keeping Short-Stemmed Flowers

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The flowers my children pick for me make me feel loved -- but they always have short stems! In the clip below, I share my tip for keeping these precious gifts.

Items that can be REUSED for "Short-Stem Vases" :

  • Tiny jam/spread jars from gift sets
  • Salt shaker or other small condiment dispensers
  • Travel sized beverage containers (Sapphire Gin bottles are a pretty blue!)
  • Sea shells
  • Bottle caps (like from an empty vanilla bottle)
  • Brown-tinted glass vitamin bottles, label removed
  • Keeping treasures from your family in your work area encourages you to remember "why you're doing what you're doing", reminds you to pray for them and to think of ways to be a blessing to them while you work. It also shows them that the things they give you are important enough for you to put on display.


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