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BlogHer and Darphin invited bloggers to try Darphin skincare products chosen to address and meet their skincare needs and concerns.

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French Skin Care -- the Darphin Way

I recently had to attend an event where I would be meeting many women I had never met before, and I have to say that these French products gave me an extra dose of confidence, as my skin had not looked this good in years. I plan to continue using these French skin products and, when I run out, I will be ordering the moisturizer and cleanser for sure. The Intral redness serum will be included in my regimen if I feel it truly made a difference. As women have been heard to say, I am worth it! ...more

Darphin Does It!

I've blogged before about not having a good regimen in place for helping my aging skin. I've made a point over the last year or so to get better about this. I've begun to wonder if certain products, perhaps the more expensive ones, really make more of a difference than the cheaper ones. Though I don't know for sure that the costlier products are more effective, after trying Darphin, I believe it's possible. ...more

Darphin Has Forced Me to Admit I Was Wrong

When the zit monsters decided to throw a party at my expense, I did a total reset with products and routines. It seemed like the best thing to do would be to reintroduce things slowly and figure out how to regain balance and such. It was right around the time I restarted OCM (which I still LOVE) that I received an email from BlogHer asking if I would be interested in reviewing the Darphin luxury line of skincare. Excellent timing, no? ...more

Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood: Review and Pictures

Founded in 1958, Pierre Darphin revolutionized aesthetic care by opening one of the first beauty institutes in Paris for complete body, hair and skin care solutions. Custom-tailored to specific, personal needs, Pierre Darphin believed that a woman's skin is a mirror, reflecting her life. What a beautiful viewpoint! ...more

Darphin Products Have Taken up Permanent Residence by my Sink

I think women of all ages are beautiful, and I hope I'm able to live a long, full life, with all its joys and sorrows reflected on my face. But that doesn't mean I won't take care of myself and my skin and try to look the best I can! So when the people at Darphin offered to let me try their anti-aging products, I jumped at the chance! You know we do things budget-style around here, so I'm usually a drugstore girl when it comes to beauty products. But after my first use, I realized there is a difference in "the good stuff." ...more

Sophisticated, Glowing Parisian-esque Skin

After a few days, the improvements in my complexion were noticeable. I even skipped my daily application of tinted moisturizer and concealer, applying a quick swipe of sunblock instead. Then I dabbed on mascara and some lip gloss…and hit the road. Shaving a few minutes of my hectic morning routine was lovely. I even got to take a few extra sips of coffee before I herded the kids out the door. And I’d like to think that my preschool mom friends noticed my sophisticated, glowing Parisian-esque skin (and overlooked the fact that I was wearing the same outfit two days in a row. Oops). ...more

Introducing Darphin Skincare A Parisian Gem

It wasn't until recently that I discovered the Darphin Paris skincare line. I was overjoyed at the opportunity to try such a luxurious brand whose philosophy is "More than skincare, Art." A little bit of Paris on my skin in the morning and at night? Yes, please! ...more

Curious About Darphin

I was recently asked to review some skin care products from Darphin, a skin care company that I've been really curious about for years. I've only had the products for a short period of time (I'll be posting an update after my typical six week trial period), but so far I've really been liking the products! ...more

Doing Something Very Special For My Skin

I feel like I am doing something very special for my skin when I use these products. You know that I am thrifty when it comes to home décor, but skin care products are something I have been a little more willing to spend some extra money on lately. Let’s face it (no pun intended), I’m not getting any younger! And the lines on my face are proof of that. Smile I cannot stop time, but I can try and take the best care of my skin as I possibly can. ...more

Thank You, Darphin Paris

Oh BOY! I was so excited to receive my Darphin Paris luxury skin care products! When the opportunity to review was given to me, I was giddy with delight! You see, taking care of my skin has been a priority and daily routine of mine, really since high school. My Mom taught me young, and she taught me well. But you see, all those years of sunning, slathering on baby oil, my foil mat in tote, and lying on rooftops kinda took a toll on the ole' skin. ...more