The date...

Dates hold such significance for people.  Birthday, wedding date, even holidays, but it's other dates that just a handful of people are even aware of that I realize now hold more significance than all the other dates combined.

January 2:  Mom had a doctors appointment and asked me to stay with him.  We drank coffee, told silly jokes and laughed.

January 3:  Mom called to tell me she was calling the ambulance to take him to the hospital, he had a fever that wouldn't break and congestion, she feared he had aspiration pneumonia, she was right. 

January 5:  I taught them to face time on their iPad so we could see each other on the days I couldn't get to the hospital.

Daddy Facetime

January 10:  He wanted Craig to bring him his wheelchair and for Craig and only Craig to get him out of bed and into that chair.  How he loved that man!
January 14:  We brought daddy home from the hospital with hospice care.
January 17, 2013:  His three girls stood over his bed, as we had done a hundred times before telling him just how very much we loved him but this time was different, this time the angels filled the room and our world stopped.
These are the dates (and so many more) that his three girls live over and over remembering a man that was our world.
He was funny.  He was silly.  He was a great big kid in a mans body.  He took business seriously.  He loved a cold beer and a warm desert.  He loved malts on a stick.  He couldn't golf but loved to do it anyway.  He did his best to be at every activity for his grand babies.  He was stubborn.  He was giving.  He loved music.  He was nowhere near perfect but he was ours and we were his.  He taught his girls so much but most importantly he taught us to take care of each other.
 Daddy and his girls
Daddy, there isn't a day that we don't wish you here and at the same time we're so thankful that your body can finally rest.  We miss you more and love you A LOT!

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