Dating and the Single Mum

First things first, I must say that I have very little interest in dating right now. Not that it is completely out of the question after all a little bit of attention from the opposite sex can be a pleasant thing at times but having not that long ago gotten out of a relationship and with more then my fair share of responsibilities on my shoulders, I feel that I have more then enough to deal with without a man to add to the equation. However, the subject of dating and all that that entails came up during lunch with a friend today and it made me think about how much harder I find dating after having a child. There are the obvious problems of finding time to actually meet someone! Managing to stay awake and not embarrass yourself by starting to yawn at regular intervals from 8.30pm onwards! Not to mention the horrific nature of having to tell someone whom you've just met and who you reckon might well be worth meeting again that you have a child!!! Ugh, I hate that part. I have had to do it twice so far and the reactions I received were ‘’how many children do you have then?!’’ (I added the exclamation mark there because he said it in such an alarmed tone, which still makes me chuckle. I must add that he quickly relaxed to the idea though after the initial shock died down.) The other reaction was ‘’but you’re single right?’’, out of context that maybe doesn’t sound as amazing a reaction as it felt (and still does) at the time, but I was truly impressed by such a response. He said it as though having a child was the most normal thing in the world. As if every woman whose number he had asked for had children! I dated both of those guys and both dealt very well with Milo so despite such a fear to utter that dreaded sentance ''by the way, I have a kid'', it hasn't been too problematic for me so far. The real problems have arrisen after that part! Please go read the rest at my blog Workingberlinmum Check out my blog at:


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