A fellow Plus Size Primadonna on her quest for Big Curvy Love revealed she wouldn’t date a man if he was a vegetarian or owned a cat. Her rationale for these ‘deal breakers’ was that she didn’t want to be chomping on a steak while her man picked at a grassy salad. Fair enough. Plus she was generally suspicious of cats and therefore anyone who owned one thus also ruling future cat-loving suitors out of her dating pool. She ended up marrying a dog-loving carnivore who also happened to be extremely good looking and minted. Well played curvy girl!

The exhaustion and disappointment of the dating circuit wears you down leading to the usual red flags and character flaws being ignored.

Tragically we can’t all be as lucky in love with our carnivorous millionaire boyfriends as my gal pal is. The rest of us big girls have seemingly endless interview style dates to contend with. Better judgement makes way for the needing a break on the circuit and we sometimes end up with someone who is wrong but oh so available. I’m currently dating a guy who pretty much ticks all the boxes…on my deal breaker list!

• Smoker

• Has a 16 yo daughter

• Divorced

• Short

• Lives with his mother

• No car

• No job

• No money

On the plus side he is a meat eater and hates cats, and cute little curvy me. Some of us think we only have one or two ‘major’ deal breakers and the rest is ‘negotiable’ but consider the above and you might realize your personal list is longer than you think. There’s one thing that seems to override all deal breakers its called “attraction” and it generally screws everything up.

For ever deal breaker there’s a deal maker. Strap yourself in gals! What are your dating deal breakers?


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