The Dating Game

Posted by Kim 

When I was young (long before the internet, texting or Facebook), my mother knew I had a boyfriend by the amount of time I spent on the phone.  These days, things are much different.  I found out this weekend that both my boys have girlfriends.

The revelation that Brennan had a girlfriend came on Friday afternoon, when he asked to go downtown for an hour prior to his birthday dinner.  When I asked him who he was meeting, he gave the names of two girls. I asked him if one of them was his girlfriend (sort of jokingly) and he said yes.  I started peppering him with questions: What is her name? What grade is she in? How long have you been boyfriend & girlfriend? It turns out I know her and she is a nice, well-liked girl (yeah!) and they have been “dating” for two weeks.  Is it really considered dating, if one of the parties (Brennan) has been grounded due to grades since the beginning of their “relationship”?

I found out Carter had a girlfriend because he changed his relationship status on Facebook. He put it out there for everyone to see.  I checked, the girl also changed hers which means they must have coordinated that. Carter’s girlfriend goes to a different school and I am not sure they even know each other. He admitted he hasn’t even held hands but I do know they text constantly.  Maybe that defines today’s relationships.

The boys having girlfriends makes me nervous. It is such a different world out there today. We have had many talks about mutual respect, protection and making decisions and the potential consequences of those decisions.  I feel lucky that my boys are still talking to me but I can’t help feeling slightly anxious as we enter new territory.  They are growing up so fast. It makes me ever so thankful for the glimpses of my little boys that still appear occasionally.

One of those fun moments from our hike yesterday. A snowball fight.


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