Dating Lames

Im trying to really figure out why my radiant personality attracts so many losers.  I can't seem to get the cool smart guy who not only wants to take me down while matching my intellect. 

I went out with a guy, Jealous Jimmy I will call him.  Jealous Jimmy has known me since the summer of last year.  He seems to think I am his girlfriend after one lame date.  He continues to ask for my phone so he can see how many males I have in my phonebook.  Jealous Jimmy also thinks that he is the most beautiful man walking on earth. He feels the need to call me "baby".  Mind you this is the first interaction since the summer of last year.

 Then there is C.C.C., Charming Cheating Charlie who clearly lied about having a girlfriend and tries to convince me to slide to his team.  Charming and cute but thinks that cheating is ok when its not exposed in a tacky way.

Thirdly, Cohabit Cody feels I should be the one he "chills" with when his relationship roommate gets mad at him.

Ridiculous Richard is the guy that thinks he can just tell me he is going to have  sex with me and I should be ready.  Meanwhile this guy got my phone number from a mutual friend, we talked on the phone a few times when I realized how stupid he was I stop talking to him.  Yet he feels he has the right to text me a sexual opportunity.  LOL!

Married Mike is the guy who has a wife and kids and thinks he should have a girlfriend awarded to him because he is the provider of the household.  Old guy that refers to himself as young rappers of today.

 Father Frank is the guy that looks extremely youthful and enjoys lying about his age to get younger girls but is old enough to have a 24 year old daughter.

It must be a recession on wholesome single men.  All of the above men have been tall and handsome but that was it.  There was no substance and it is a reminder of how appearance is used as a determining factor.  Why?  Because you can't look at a guy and know if he is smart enough to have a decent conversation or if he lives with a girl and 6 kids.  So looks is the only way some guys can get numbers.  Personally I am a sucker for height.  But according to the characters above they are going to need a lot more than height to keep my interest.  Ladies good luck out there I need to take a break with the dating game.


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