Dating Seems to be Awfully Dangerous these Days...

Dating is difficult I"ll tell you that.

Looking at the news stories these days, it seems to be getting a tad dangerous ....

Just when you think you’ve the perfect date with beauty and brains.....
The sweet, lovely Miss Kendra Gill.
You’re SO intrigued by her love for chemistry.
Than she bombs. Quite Literally.

“Beauty Queen Arrested in Bomb Making and Bomb Throwing”

Miss Riverton, UT, Kendra Gill enjoys making home-made bombs and throwing them out of cars at night.
The Miss Riverton Organization couldn’t wait to see what she was going to accomplish this year.
Yeah, well, now they’ve seen. The wait is over.


If you're lucky, your date isn't into making bombs with shrapnel and throwing them at innocent people.

So you go on a date....

Let me tell you about my date...

He couldn’t find the place and said I gave him bad directions.
His online personality is much better.
The conversation doesn’t flow. Mosquito larvae would breed if we stayed long enough.

I’m trying to make conversation with all my magical powers without it sounding like a game of Taboo.
He seems not to be making any effort to initiate conversation.
He answers my conversation topics with less than 5 words.
He seems bossy and dismissive about the things I like
(art – “what’s the point?” , animals – “There are too many to save. They’ll live or die.”)

You thought that was a bad first date? Well, I thought I had a bad first date.
Then I realize that wasn’t that bad.
This guy had a HORRIBLE first date!!  

Woman on Date Falls to Death from 17th Floor Balcony
Imagine the trauma and years of therapy he’ll have to go through….

It totally redefines what constitutes a bad date!!

The takeaway is : bad dates aren’t THAT bad. There’re worse dates (see above)

So if you're lucky, your date doesn't get killed by a defective balcony.

But you're still looking...

Well I guess you can always try to date your friend like this pair of friends did.
A Social Experiment: 40 Days of Dating Between Friends

If you get to the point of being engaged or going on a honeymoon,
I sure hope there are no boating accidents or fatal cruises involved….

Dating is difficult… to me.
How about you? Is it a breeze or tough for you?
Share your dating stories!

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