A Daughter's Letter to Breast Cancer

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Yea, you don’t deserve a formalized greeting like "Dear," -- there’s nothing dear about you.

When you showed up at my mom’s door in September 2012, I was in shock; we all were. You weren't supposed to come, you definitely weren't welcome or invited and no one else in our family had ever experienced you before.

We thought that after the surgery we had gotten rid of you … but you hung around, lurking in the background, fooling us into believing that we wouldn't see you again. Yet here you are, spreading throughout her body, ravaging her with no mercy. Oh, how I hate you.


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As if she didn’t have enough to deal with her Parkinson’s disease for the past 12 years. Your arrival and subsequent stay has devastated my family. You have rendered a once ridiculously strong woman helpless to your ways. Do you know who she is? She’s the strongest woman I know, she’s feisty, she’s a firecracker, she’s a loving wife of 38 years, she’s a mother to two daughters, she’s a grandmother to two granddaughters and two grandsons, she’s a first-born daughter, she’s a sister to two brothers and three sisters, she’s an aunt, she’s a cousin, she’s a church sister, she’s a friend. You are robbing her, stealing precious time from her and her family.

My heart aches; I feel such pain, such anger. I just cry, I cry because my mom won’t be able to help choose my wedding dress, she won’t be there when her grandchildren graduate, she won’t be celebrating any more milestones with dad … the list goes on, but it is what it is, isn’t it? Eventually … and soon … you will win. You disgust me.

No matter how much I loathe your existence, I will prevail; our family will prevail! Why? Because I am strong, and who do I get my strength from? The same woman you are taking away from me, my MOM. We will continue her legacy, we will be the love she sees in everyone, we will take care of our families without prejudice, we will live life fully and we will do everything we can to get rid of you, so that no one else in our family, or in the world for that matter, has to have you in their lives … EVER.  That’s a promise.



just Natalie


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