The Dawn of a New Day

The U.S House of Reps passed yesterday President Obama’s stimulus package without a single Republican vote.  We will focus our attention strictly on what I’ve been personally pondering and what others have asked me:  What does this stimulus package mean to me, as an average citizen struggling to make ends meet? 

We won’t even fill this blog with the chicanery behind why the Republicans didn’t support the stimulus package; however, as we all know, there is never an easy answer to a tough question or situation like the one we are facing economically today. 

What I can tell you is that something has to happen quickly.  Hopefully, this stimulus package is one answer and hopefully this package will actually stimulate the economy and get a lot of my friends back to work. 

Before I go too far, if I am ever asked my opinion on what the Obama administration needs to do immediately, I would happily tell them that there needs to be a more robust and effective grassroots education effort occurring now that explains in laymen terms what the average Jill can realistically expect in the coming months when the stimulus package funds are released and hit the streets.  At this time, it is important for the mental health of the average person to understand these expectations, especially as we prepare for more grim news regarding massive layoffs, major company closures, bank failures,  additional foreclosures, diminishing 401Ks etc...

As a closing recommendation to all of my readers, I encourage each of you to get a copy of the stimulus package, read it carefully and join forces with a few of your out of work, highly talented friends and create a business venture and attempt to secure some of the $800 billion.  As a taxpayer, it is your money and you should financially benefit, as well.   We are our sister’s keeper!


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