Day 1 Down - 29 To Go

After James left for work at 5am this morning I started 30 Day Shred. Yes, I know I purchased it Friday, but I may have failed to mention that I am a Class A procrastinator at times. Not to mention the fact that I don't particular want people watching me jump around the living room like a spastic Weeble. And believe me, with my glorious lack of flexibility, I certainly looked like one.

It wasn't really that difficult overall. Granted, I didn't listen as she told me I wasn't allowed to stop and do basic things like, oh I dunnoBREATHE! I paused her peppy "keeping going, don't stop" and allowed myself a swig of water a couple times. I also have to say that she didn't take into account any women over a size A cup and that there should be warning label advising you that two or maybe even three sport bras must be warn at all times in order to avoid inconvenient things like black eyes or loss of one's nipples.

I'm determined to keep at this and maybe after a week or so I won't be gasping for air like Nemo laying there on the dentist's sink after Darla shook his brains around. I will however be investing in some duct tape for good measure on my way home though.

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