Day 1: Mind Over Matter!

      Good morning! This is DAY 1, the absolute first day of setting my "Thinspiration Plans" off! WHEW! I'm not going to lie, I am already feeling like I just have to have a bowl of cookie cereal (which I hate) filled to the brim with milk, or like I really should just eat those frozen pancakes that my husband bought for the kids. WHAT? I don't look at these things twice any other day. Seriously, body? Are you kidding me? This is how you want to start things off? Well, I'm not falling for your tricks or pleas for sugar or fat. NOT ANY MORE!  What I WILL do after I finish this little rant, is go downstairs make myself a piece of toast, one slice of cheese with peanut butter and drink a big cup of water. That's going to be breakfast. Doesn't that just sound yummy???? C'mon.... someone has to say yes, because it sounds absolutely PUTRID to me!!!  Ah well,  won't get thin by eating big oversized breaksfasts now will I?

     Speaking of thin, I think I will dash over to the site I found that is PRO-ANA, and see what tips they have to offer for someone like me who is just starting out. I bet they have lots of things to offer up and I can't wait to read them. I already copied their Thinspo ABC's:

A is for ana
B is for Binging
C is for creative excuses
D is for D-day diet
E is for the effort needed to reach my goals
F is for.... well, you know
G is for getting down to business
H is for Happiness once my goals are reached
I is for I can do it
J is for Jodee Prothinspo
K is for Keeping a food diary
L is for loving life
M is for making it my life's decision to stay fit and of course M is also for MIA
N is for saying no to bad foods that are not on my diet
O is for OH stop the excuses and get started already
P is for Prothinspo
Q is for never quit
R is for ready or not
S is for staying strong
T is for thinspiration/thinspo
U is for U better start exercising today
V is for victory
W is for winner
XYZ is for ...everything else

What do you think of that??? It's pretty interesting to me. Well, enough for this blog, time to go and eat (just a little) and get the day started. My kids are out of school and we have a few things that we have to do. I think by keeping busy I won't be as quick to try and munch on anything.... only one way to find out! Till we type again!

Love and Happiness, Forever and Always