Day 11. The Max Phase

Day 11.  I have to tell you that your prayers were answered!!!  I had asked on Tuesday night that you pray for God to help me through the last 2 weeks of my current job as it had been a little “icy” since turning in my notice.  Miraculously, on Wednesday afternoon, my boss hugged me and told me he was going to miss me; that he would never want to hinder me from doing better for myself, but that he was sad to lose me.  WOW!!!  That my friend is a MIRACLE!  I’m so thankful because I didn’t want to leave after 3+ years with him angry; it would have been like my time there had been in vain.  It also has helped me to stay away from the cheeseburgers that I so desperately crave when I’m STRESSED!  Today I went to pick up my official offer and employee packet from my new job and the office manager told me that she was so happy I had accepted the job that she could just hug me; they were working on setting up my office (yes one all to myself) with my new desk and computer so that it would be all ready for me on the 21st.  This is going to be a NICE place to work! 

Well today I transitioned into the Max Phase of my Advocare 24 day Challenge.  The first 10 days is called the Cleanse Phase (trust me it’s not “cleansing” like you think; I did not spend all 10 days in the little girls room); this phase helps to get your body ready to absorb all of the nutrients.  This Max Phase that we started today consists of Metabolic Nutrition System-MNS, Meal Replacement Shakes and Spark…my fav! I think this is going to be like really good vitamins, an appetite suppressant and something for energy.  I never felt jittery or hungry today.  I had a scrambled egg and turkey sausage burrito for breakfast and a piece of grilled fish with collards for lunch.  I had some mixed fruit for a snack.  Yes, to all of my accountability partners I did drink ALL of my water today.  LOL I’m ready to be around 120 pounds so I only have to drink a reasonable amount of water!  Ha-ha 

Thanks for listening!  Trust me it has been comforting to know that I’ve got you guys praying for me!


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