Day 2 and I've not given up yet!

Day 2.  So far so good!!  Thanks to everyone who read my blog and posted such encouraging comments on Facebook!! The thing that I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, is that I have NOT been hungry today.  It’s awesome!  I’ve had some really good food, which I’ll talk about later, and never once have I felt deprived.  During the24 day challenge  Advocare suggests that you limit or avoid caffeine.  I’m not a coffee drinker however it has been my habit to stop by McDonalds EVERY day and get a large unsweet tea.  I thought I’d feel really tired without my daily dose of caffeine but I’ve not.  The pink lemonade Spark, which is still my favorite, gives me that boost of energy that I need to get my morning going.  The thing that I have drank until I feel like my eyeballs are floating is WATER!  I think I’ve drank enough today to fill a kid-sized swimming pool!!  While on the challenge they suggest that you divide your body weight by 2 then drink that many ounces of water….I’ve gotta lose some weight!  So onto the good stuff…the delicious recipes that I’ve cooked today.  For breakfast I toasted a slice of 15 grain bread, spread on some natural peanut butter and topped it with banana slices; delicious and very filling.  Lunch was a salad with some of my leftover Ina Garten Lemon Chicken from last night.  It was such a beautiful day here in Atlanta that I enjoyed it while sitting in the sun under a Japanese Cherry tree….perfect!  Tonight’s dinner was delicious; even my husband loved it.   We had cajun spiced grilled tilapia (tilapia seasoned with Tony Chachere’s seasoning).  Our sides were steamed kale and cauliflower fritters.  Wow!  These recipes were yummy!  My husband, who is a sauce-guy, wanted something on his fritters so decided to go with Worcestershire sauce…guess what?  It was really good!!  So I’m calling it a night; we’ll see what Day 3 holds tomorrow.

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