Day 2: In Vermont with #CabotFit Team

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hapter Two: Hashtag #LateNight

Mom and I ended our first evening, closing the bar at the Marriott.

Cabot Cheese 404

I mean, it’s really easy to do when all you do is drink water.

So the next morning, I was seeing things crystal clear and looking …

Hashtag: #ExtraSharp

Cabot Cheese 408

We were meeting our team and heading out to Percy Farms for the morning.

What was really sweet was sporting the ride because it’s all about style…

Hashtag: #CelebrityStyle

Cabot Cheese 409

Hashtag: #Dontpickyoursnose

Double Hashtag: #Peoplearewatching

We arrived at Percy Farms and the site was amazingly beautiful. Honestly, I wasn’t disappointed in mother nature one bit.

Cabot Cheese 417

Just disappointed my iPhone didn’t capture all that beauty well.

Hashtag #rockonwithyourbadselfmothernature

Welcome to Percy Farms

Cabot Cheese 418

It was quite a quaint farm with 300 cows and I made friends quickly.

Hashtag: #BetsyLouMabel

Cabot Cheese 437

Who introduced me to some of her closest friends.

Hashtag: #Cowswhohangtogetherarefriendsforever

Cabot Cheese 440

You know what I say…

Hashtag: #Allinadayswork

Cabot Cheese 442

This was one of my favorite parts on our trip. We got to chat it up with one of Cabot’s family owned and operated farmers.

Cabot Cheese 443

He clued me in to how  important the cows lifestyle (from feed to environment) contributes to the taste of cheese. I mean, Cabot really kicks butt in the tasting department and they really take all measures to make sure their cows are in tip-top shape.

Cabot Cheese 453

These babies are just one day old!  Aren’t they beautiful?

Okay, I can’t help myself…ready?

What kind of haircuts do punk cows like?



Hashtag #doesntgetold

The farmers even call in nutritionists to supply each cow with the proper diet. Yes, you read that correctly. Amazing.

Hashtag: #worldsbestcheeseawardrightthere

After our tour, we headed out to see the Von Trapp Family attraction but it started to rain so no photos there. Followed by lunch at a local apple/cider restaurant and a stop at the Cabot Annex store.

Cabot Cheese 466

Then we dropped by the Expo for a little browsing when I met another Cabot Cheese lover…

Cabot Cheese 471

Joanne and I felt like we practically knew this man forever.

Hashtag: #idontknowyoubutiknowyourcheesesothatmakesusfriends

Mom and I headed back to the hotel for some shut eye because soon it was time to get up again.

Hashtag: #Extrasharpupgrade

Cabot Cheese 472

In the evening we attended a Ronald McDonald Charity Event where 1984 Gold Olympian, Joan Benoit Samuelson was speaking!

Cabot Cheese 474

Hashtag #Quitethehonor

Cabot Cheese 480

After her speech, I got the chance to meet and get her autograph.

Cabot Cheese 488

I’m not even quite sure what happened to me. I got all giddy and laughed sounds I’ve never heard.

Hashtag: #Celebritydork

Needless to say, I’m still beaming from it.

After dinner it was one more final bar time. We stayed for a little bit then raced off to get some shut eye for the big day…

Hashtag: #Mostmemorablerace

Hashtag: #Poopandpuke

Hashtag: #TeamPlaya

Hashtag: #Awesomeness

To be continued…

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